Smartphone Operating System Comparison

One of the high-end mobile phones are currently the most popular is the smartphone that combines several different functions ranging from the traditional phone functions to the functions of the computer. Most of the smartphone is now combining the functions of camera, video and music player so that the device offers a fun experience for the users.

The main features of the smartphone is the use of internet technology had a high-resolution touch screen, and a web browser and the latest generation of hardware is also a very important part of a current smartphone technology. But there are also some smartphones that can not access the internet via Wi-Fi connection and can not function as a GPS.

Until now there has been no official boundary between the smartphone with a regular cell phone. but the most significant difference is in the smartphone operating system For example, Apple operating system for iPhone, or Google Android smartphone for most manufacturers, there is also the Blackberry OS, Symbian for Nokia devices and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 most recently in the market.

Smartphone users currently very popular and its adoption rate has increased very rapidly in some major countries. Types of phones are very popular among teenagers and adults.

According to research from comScore, there are around 50 million people in the United States who have a smartphone, it means that more than 1/5 of the population, but as was said earlier that this number is increasing at an alarming rate.

Currently operating system most widely used is Android with 33% of the total market in the last quarter of 2010 ago, while Symbian is on the next position by 31% but the Nokia OS tends to decline in sales. Apple is expected to soon overtake the last half year has 16% of the market, followed by RIM Blackberry OS with 14% of the market.

For most of the smartphone is pretty useless without an internet connection, which is why many telephone companies offer high-speed broadband connection with the use of unlimited usage can buy a monthly subscription basis.

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